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    • Released :
      June 04 2023
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      DigiSleeve CD & Digital

    • After Regnum Lupus, which marked the arrival of Mike Heller and A.S.A, Redsphere is back with a new act. Immortalized is the complete revision of the album "Immortal Voids", with new lyrics and vocals from A.S.A, and produced, mixed, and mastered by Damien Rainaud. Redsphere's Immortalized is a powerful and dynamic album that showcases the band's unique sound and style. With a theme centered around Orwell's 1984, the album offers a dystopian look at society and the need for awakening and revolt. Immortalized is a must-listen for fans of death metal, groove, and engaged lyrics.

Malmorta Records is the new division of independent label Malpermesita Records, based in northern France and dedicated to promoting and supporting talents in extreme metal. Formerly known as Kaotoxin, the label has since been divided into Xenocorp and Malpermesita. With renowned bands such as Nydvind, Azziard, Fading Bliss, Blod, and Nirnaeth, our label focuses on quality, originality, and artistic diversity.

While Malpermesita Records specializes in black metal and doom styles, Malmorta Records is entirely devoted to death metal. We offer comprehensive support to our artists, ranging from production to promotion and distribution, and actively participate in major extreme metal scene events.

Thanks to our partnership with Season of Mist for worldwide distribution, Malmorta Records enjoys international reach, allowing our artists to connect with a broader audience and make a name for themselves on the global stage.

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